Best CR2 Rangefinder Battery for Hunting & Golf Rangefinders

Batteries play a critical role in operating your rangefinder at its best. They are a significant power source that helps your rangefinder to function properly. Sometimes, however, a frustrating situation occurs where your batteries die in the middle of your hunting or golf course causing a lot of trouble for you.

To help you cope with this situation, we have figured out a smart solution for you. Our team has collected some models of batteries and conducted a thorough examination of them. After testing each model, we have picked the “7 best rangefinder batteries” for you.

Our recommendation

Our team tested a bunch of rangefinder batteries for you and recommended 2 models as the best rangefinder batteries for you.

These include AOBOO CR2 rechargeable battery for all purposes and a Viridian CR2 Tactical battery for hunting. Both of these batteries have extended range

These batteries are reliable for everyday usage, day-to-day traveling activities, and above all practical in hunting and golfing as well.

Let’s have an in-depth review of each battery to help you pick the right one for you.

7 Best Rechargeable Batteries for Hunting & Golf Rangefinders 2023

  • AOBOO CR 2 Rechargeable Battery-Best CR2 Rangefinder Battery
  • EBL CR2 Lithium Battery-Best CR2 Battery For Golf Rangefinder
  • Duracell CR2 3V Lithium Battery-Best Long-Lasting Rangefinder Battery
  • Energizer CR2 Lithium Battery-Best Budget Rangefinder Battery For Everyday Use
  • Viridian CR2 Tactical Energy Plus-Best Rechargeable Battery For Hunting
  • Tenergy CR2 3V Lithium Battery-Best Non-Rechargeable Nikon Rangefinder Battery
  • Energizer Rechargeable AA Battery-Best Automatic Battery Charger
best overall
AOBOO CR 2 Rechargeable Battery-Best CR2 Rangefinder Battery

AOBOO CR 2 Rechargeable Battery

(Best CR2 Rangefinder Battery)


  • Life Span: 10 years
  • Material: Lithium Ion
  • Voltage: 3.0 volts
  • Battery Type: Rechargeable
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Reasons to buy:

High-density material:

The material of the AOBOO CR2 battery is dense and thick, making it super durable and tough to handle the high range temperature. Its well-built construction allows hunters to use it in extreme weather conditions without any hassle.

The battery is designed to make the rangefinder less bulky with its light and portable weight. One key feature that makes it worth it is its safety circuit that automatically discharges the battery from the charger. This is superb as it protects your battery from getting overheated or overcharged.


This battery is rechargeable with a fast and efficient battery charger. This charger lets users charge the battery anytime and anywhere without any hassle.

You can recharge your batteries multiple times with its eco-friendly powerful chip. This chip smartly charges both battery pieces in only 2 hours. You can use any standard CR2 battery charger for charging your batteries on the go.

This is beneficial as it saves your energy and budget compared to non-rechargeable disposable batteries. The charger however does not come in the package.

Powerful Performance:

Performance-wise, this battery is energetic and powerful with 80% electricity. With its 3 volts, you get the fastest output with reliable and credible performance.

It consistently delivers next-level performance with low energy consumption. It can reportedly work for about 5 to 6 hours making it easier for golfers and hunters to achieve their target in time.

Reliable Capacity:

The capacity of this rangefinder battery is medium with 750mAH. With this capacity, you can easily make it work as you want without losing the power in between.

The best thing is that it has a self-discharge feature that allows you to save energy for serving you in tough situations.

  • 10 years life
  • 80% more powerful than other models
  • Rechargeable on the go
  • 3.0 volts
  • Cost-effective
  • Can continuously work for longer hours
  • Compatible with multiple devices
  • Pack of 2 batteries
  • Limited with only 750 mAH
  • Best only in moderate temperature

Our Verdict:

AOBOO CR2 rechargeable battery is ideal for multiple purposes. With dense and withstand lithium-ion, this rangefinder battery is friendly for users in terms of budget and functionality.

best overall
EBL CR2 Lithium Battery-Best CR2 Battery For Golf Rangefinder

EBL CR2 Lithium Battery

(Best CR2 Battery for Golf rangefinder)


  • Material: Lithium Ion
  • Life Span: 10 years
  • Voltage: 3.0 volts
  • Battery Type: Rechargeable
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For golfers, the EBL CR2 battery is not only reliable but highly functional as well. Its 800mAH capacity with long-lasting material lets golfers confidently uses this pack of 8 batteries. Its consistent and intelligent system always provides you with a powerful power source that lasts for about 10 years. So, no more hassle to buy new batteries every second day.

Reasons to buy:

Increased life span:

The life span of this particular battery is promised as 10 years. After testing it for an extended period of time, it is worthy to be labeled as durable and long-lasting.

The key feature that contributes to its life span is its self-discharge rate with an intensive non-explosive material. Moreover, this battery comes with 8 backups for you to use others in case one dies or steps working.

Explosion-proof design:

Unlike other batteries for rangefinders, this one is extremely practical interns of its design as well. To ensure that it lasts longer for its users, it has been built with intuitive non-explosive material.

This material of EBL CR2 lithium battery keeps your battery safe and secure from heat and high temperature with a powerful seal and heat dissipation hole.

In addition to these, the PTC current discharge protection eliminates the damage that can be caused to your battery by keeping the temperature moderate.


This specific model of CR2 battery is easy to carry around on any type of travel. It comes with a battery case that is vast enough to keep all your batteries safely in it.

No matter if you are traveling, camping, or golfing, this lightweight battery with a case lets you enjoy your day to its fullest.


This battery features a pro-level functionality for users to provide them with ease and comfort. It’s come with 8 batteries which can be used with several other devices as well.

For instance, along with rangefinders users can use this for their flashlights, cameras, clock, toy cars, calculators, and computer electronics as well.

  • Long-lasting
  • Explosion-proof
  • Comes with a battery case
  • Compatible with various devices
  • Large capacity
  • Short circuit protection
  • Not ideal for heavy use
  • No expiration date

Our Verdict:

EBL CR2 battery is the second-best battery for rangefinders that is ideally reliable for golfers. Its bearing power and the small unit allow golfers to play their course without any fear with 8 backup options.

best overall
Duracell CR2 3V Lithium Battery-Best Long-Lasting Rangefinder Battery

Duracell CR2 3V Lithium Battery

(Best Long-lasting Rangefinder Battery)


  • Material: Metal Lithium
  • Life Span: 10 years
  • Voltage: 3.0 volts
  • Battery Type: Rechargeable
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Duracell is a third choice for you as it is equal to performance and capacity with EBL and AOBOO. The feature that makes it stand out from its competitors is its ultimate power life.

The battery does not end in the middle of your game but lasts for long hours making it easier for you to do your job with convenience. Its solid and tough metal coating prevents your battery from being unnecessary.

Reasons to buy:

Small Unit:

The Duracell battery is smart and portable in its design with a small unit. This small unit allows you to flexibly use it for any type of device i.e. cameras, laser pointers, and above all rangefinders.

The density of this small unit battery is exceptional which lets users deliver a potential performance.

Long-lasting with a guarantee:

The Duracell battery is guaranteed to deliver its performance for dedicated years. Its metallic shield does not let it explode in case you use it as per instructions.

Since it has a body made of metal so if you overcharge then it may get leaked.

Suits extreme temperatures:

The overall construction and design of this battery with 780 mAH capacity let users combat harsh temperatures as well.

The estimated temperature that this battery can handle is 40 to 60 degrees. With this temperature, it becomes easy for users to use for outdoor activities along with industrial usage.

  • 2 batteries
  • CR2 battery with 3 Volt
  • Long-lasting
  • Trusted for multiple usages
  • Handles extreme temperature
  • No replacements needed
  • May get overheated
  • Explosive metal

Our Verdict:

Duracell CR2 3V lithium is an ideal choice for users who want a powerful metal battery. These CR2 3V batteries are worth it for their consistent and continual performance.

best overall
Energizer CR2 Lithium Battery-Best Budget Rangefinder Battery For Everyday Use

Energizer CR2 Lithium Battery

(Best Budget Rangefinder Battery for Everyday Use)


  • Material: Lithium
  • Life Span: 9-10 years
  • Voltage: 3.0 volts
  • Battery Type: Non-Rechargeable
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If you want to add a user-friendly, economical durable battery for your devices then “Energizer CR2 battery” is an ideal choice for you. Its simplistic, easy-to-carry design lets users flexibly use it on multiple devices. This battery features a high-quality leakproof material that keeps it safe from harsh conditions.

Reasons to buy:

Up-to-the-mark performance:

Performance-wise, “Energizer” is super reliable with 800mAH. This makes it different from its competitors.

Its above average let’s performance lets you complete your tasks with no hassle. It works well for golf rangefinders and other travel or survey rangefinders.


Unlike Duracell explosive material, this rangefinder has material that can withstand tough situations. No matter how frequently or consistently you use it, it won’t give up.

The battery is non-rechargeable so no more hassle to change it again and again instead work with a flow to achieve your targets.

Reliable with extended lifespan:

This battery comes with 2 pieces and both of them are exceptional in their longevity.

It has an extended life span of about 9 to 10 years which makes it an ideal backup or replacement for your kits. It stays charged and does not lose its power until dies.

Economical for all budgets:

Energizer is great for its price as well. The fact is that it is developed for beginners so the budget is affordable and effective for all types of players. In only less than 12$, you can have a pack of 2 batteries for 10 years of lifespan.

  • Durable
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Economical
  • 2 batteries
  • 3.0 voltage
  • Sturdy construction
  • Reusable for multiple devices
  • No case

Our Verdict:

Energizer CR2 battery is the best option for everyday usage with 800 mAH capacity and low energy consumption. Its power and reusability for various devices make it the best rangefinder battery.

best overall
Viridian CR2 Tactical Energy Plus-Best Rechargeable Battery For Hunting

Viridian CR2 Tactical Energy Plus

(Best Rechargeable Battery for Hunting)


  • Material: Lithium
  • Life Span: 10 years
  • Voltage: 3.0 volts
  • Battery Type: Rechargeable
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If you want a high-density battery for hunting then the Viridian CR2 Tactical battery is made for you. It is developed to meet your industrial needs with efficiency and accuracy. It lasts for 15 years making it the most reliable option to have for hunting and weapon gear.

Reasons to buy:


Viridian Tactical battery is made for critical and heavy usage. So the power you get with this battery is fast with up to 30% more potential.

The blend of chemicals used in its composition is not available in other models discussed above. For hunting, Archery, and other activities where you need a weapon for heavy-duty tasks.

Wrapped coating:

The design of this battery is wrapped in a coating to insulate them. This is best for protecting its inner metal for ultimate performance.

Its unique design is composed using a cathode material with a lithium anode. Both of these are exemplary in ensuring that it performs well under pressure.

Ideal for heavy-duty:

For demanding situations and harsh temperatures this battery is reliable with an extremely powerful output.

In a high-draining device, it provides high-density output with 750mAH capacity and 3 Volts. With these types of engineering capabilities, it can deliver supreme performance.


This battery is versatile and compatible with various other devices. It is not just limited to cameras or lights.

You can use it for tactical lights, laser sights, and weapon-mounted lights. Its wide range of applications makes it suitable for any type of travel i.e. camping, hunting, and hiking.

If you want a high-density battery for hunting then “Viridian CR2 Tactical” is made for you. It is developed to meet your industrial needs with efficiency and accuracy. It lasts for 15 years making it the most reliable hunting and weapon gear.

  • High-performance
  • Heavy duty
  • Energetic output
  • Ideal for hunting
  • Optimized power consumption
  • 15 years of life
  • Reliable for critical use
  • Not for everyday usage
  • No battery case

Our Verdict:

The “Viridian CR2 Tactical” battery is an incredible power source for heavy and extreme weapons. This is ideally designed for hunting batteries that are never to be missed out on when looking for excellent performance and operation.

best overall
Tenergy CR2 3V Lithium Battery-Best Non-Rechargeable Nikon Rangefinder Battery

Tenergy CR2 3V Lithium Battery

(Best Non-Rechargeable Nikon Rangefinder Battery)


  • Material: Lithium Ion
  • Unit: 10
  • Life Span: 10-12 years
  • Voltage: 3.0 volts
  • Ideal Usage: Cameras, Toys, Alarm systems, and rangefinder
  • Battery Type: Non-Rechargeable
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Looking to shop for a new rechargeable battery with high protection then the “Tenergy CR2 3V battery” is the most exceptional model for you. It features a high-quality safety measurement for long battery life and performance.

The capacity and volt of this battery are practical according to the critical needs of users. With 10 pieces this model is worth having for an easy and quick backup.

Reasons to buy:

PTC protected:

Tenergy CR2 battery features incredible safety protection for its users. The PTC or (Positive temperature coefficient) is a next-level protection provided to this model.

This feature works smartly as the outside temperature and acts as a safety point for your battery. It prevents the overheating, and unbalanced flow of current by effectively dealing with it on time.

Non-rechargeable battery:

Tenergy CR2 battery is optimized and powered on its own and does not require charging for its application. This feature benefits users who want to remove the hassle of charging batteries and look for a stable performance.

It eliminates the risk of getting your battery overheated or overcharged and instead stays charged all the time. So, just take out the battery and use it without the hassle of charging it at first.

High performance:

For performance, this battery has an extended capacity of about 80mAH with intelligence throughout. It is considered reliable to use for high-draining devices because of its energy-efficient operation.

Many users confuse it for using it as a CR123A battery but its composition size and performance are not equal to CR123A and can never be used interchangeably.


The Tenergy CR2 battery pack is different as it comes in various packages. This model for instance has 3 packages offering a set of 10, 20, and 50 pieces of batteries.

This is unique to this model only on an affordable budget. It offers convenience and flexibility to users who want one solution for their batteries.

  • 10 pieces
  • PTC protected
  • Non-rechargeable
  • 800mAH capacity
  • Low weight
  • Ideal for Nikon rangefinders
  • Affordable
  • Versatile packages
  • No expiry date
  • Can not be used as CR123A

Our Verdict:

Overall, the Tenergy CR2 lithium battery is an affordable option for low-budget users. Its amazing operation and extended lifespan make it “the best rangefinder battery for golfing and other traveling purposes.

best overall
Energizer Rechargeable AA Battery-Best Automatic Battery Charger

Energizer Rechargeable AA Battery

(Best Automatic Battery Charger)


  • Unit: 4
  • Voltage: 3.0 volts
  • Ideal Usage: Multiple devices
  • Battery Type: Rechargeable AA, AAA
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Charging batteries on the go is a challenge so for this we have bought a reliable option for you to power up your batteries with no extra effort.

Energizer rechargeable AA battery charger is a popular and recommended choice for its incredible automatic system. Its smart operation charges your batteries 4 at a time in less than 4 hours.

Reasons to buy:

Bad battery indicator:

The most outstanding feature of this battery charger is its bad battery alert when they input a broken or damaged battery in it.

It has an indicator that flashes red as soon as it identifies any flaws in your battery. This is helpful for saving you from unnecessary hazards.

Ideal for multiple devices:

Energizer Lithium battery is compatible with various batteries. It is ideal for charging its Energizer CR2, AA batteries with extreme potential.

Along with these batteries, it is also practical for NiMH and NiCad batteries.

Secure for all batteries:

This charger is designed with industrial-level leading technologies for protecting and securing your batteries.

It has a built-in system that protects your charger and battery at the same time against overheating and overcharging.

Charging time:

Most chargers will charge your batteries in hours consuming a lot of time and energy but Energizer is an energy-efficient battery charger that quickly charges your standard batteries taking a few hours.

Moreover, it allows you to conveniently change more than 3 batteries quickly. The LED indicator lets you see the battery status by displaying red and green lights simultaneously.

  • Auto shut off
  • Economical option
  • Protects overcharge
  • Quick charge
  • Saves time
  • LED indicator
  • Smart system
  • No cons

Our Verdict:

As a whole, the Energizer Rechargeable AA battery is the best option for you to recharge your batteries in no time.

Final Comment

All in all, batteries are essential but selecting a reliable power backup for your rangefinder is not easy.

We have however tested various models for you and selected the top-class, most practical, and cost-effective batteries for you. Add one that suits your rangefinder and enjoy.

Frequently Asked Questions

A rangefinder typically runs on a lithium battery. This is the standard battery type used in most rangefinders. These lithium batteries come in two variant sizes i.e. popular CR2 and CR123A.

Batteries in rangefinders have a larger capacity to tolerate many months and even years. It is however suggested that a good-quality battery can last for about a year if it is handled carefully.

A CR2 battery or the popular battery type used in rangefinders can easily last for 8 to 12 months on average. However, if you are excessively using your rangefinder and recharging the battery then it can last for about 3 to 5 months.

The main difference between CR2 and CR123 batteries is their size and capacity. The size of the CR2 battery is small and short as compared to the CR123 battery. Typically a CR2 battery 🔋 has 15.1mm dimensions while CR123 has 16MM long.

Likewise, CR2 has a low capacity of about 500 to 800 mAH. CR123 on the other hand has a large capacity and can easily deliver performance within the range of about 700-1700mAH.

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